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    "Along Those Lines"

was researched and written

between 2005 & 2009

by Sherry Winebarger-Reeter


    Our family history is a 223-page working document with information, records and pictures!

     It is very detailed with specific data on many relatives and is not focused only on our direct family line.  As I conducted my family history research over the past years, I was e-mailed by many people saying they were of the same family pedigree line and wondered how we were related.  After untangling the records each time and finding the answer to our connection, it seemed a shame not to include their information.  

     My very special thanks to everyone who so graciously provided  family details, pictures and patiently answered my never ending questions. 

"May God's Richest Blessings

Rest On You All!" 

 - Edmund Blackburn Miller

(father of Lula Miller-Winebarger)




was udpated in September 2013 &
is available to family members
in .pdf file format
upon request.
         Part 1:  7.33 MB  
Julia Verlee Ford Ancestors & Descendants
       Part 2:  7.57 KB 
Garrett Hobart Winebarger, Sr. Descendants
Part 3:  466 KB
The Story of John Festler Winebarger
Part IV:  9.58 MB 
John & Nellie Oxford Winebarger & Descendants
Part V:  4.43 MB
De Marcus & Martha Carroll Winebarger & Descendants
Part VI:  8.04 MB 
Dalton & Lula Miller Winebarger
Part VII:  9.08 MB
Dalton & Lula Miller Winebarger Descendants (Part 1 of 2)
Part VIII:  9.8 MB
Dalton & Lula Miller Winebarger Descendants (Part 2 of 2)
Part IX:  6.16 MB
Dalton & Lula Miller Winebarger Family Pictures
Part X:  4.59 MB
Miller Family
Part XI: 8.26 MB
Edmund Blackburn Miller & Jane Holman Miller Family
Part XII:  3.96 MB 
Blackburn, Holman & Moretz Families


Due to the length of our multi-colored family history document,
you may wish to save the files onto your computer
for viewing rather than print.
E-mail Sherry additions, corrections,
warm memories, pictures, obituaries, etc.!

Thank you for visiting our Winebarger-Ford Family History:
"Along Those Lines" website!