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Available upon request in .pdf  format only:


 “Along Those Lines” family history 

       researched & written by Sherry Winebarger-Reeter

         223-pages of family history and pictures completed in

         2008 & updated as new information is received. 

         ** Last updated edition September 2013.


      2008 version is available in the W. L. Eury Appalachian Collection of Appalachian  Studies at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC which serves as North Carolina’s genealogy archives;  Catawba County, NC Public Library  “Rhodes Room” in Newton, NC;  Lincoln County, NC Public ary genealogy research department;  Watauga County, NC Public Library in Boone &  Iredell County Public Library in Statesville, NC., East Tennessee State University Archives and the Sullivan County, Tennessee Archives.    



Winebarger Family Reunion Memories book   

      with pictures & details - June 14, 2008


Winebarger-Ford-Miller-Moretz Family


       contact in formation for relatives in our Ford, Winebarger, Miller &  

       Moretz families - Updated Periodically


Winebarger, Ford & Miller Family Recipes of

      108 pages of old and current delectable family favorites! 

         If you would like to send a recipe, please do so by mid-


  •     First Edition:           December 2007 
  •     Sixth Edition:          December 2012


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