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     Hundreds of pictures appear in our family photo albums!
     Photographs included in the albums were accumulated from the collections of Charles Conley Winebarger, Nancy W. Fletcher, Eva M. Bear, Effie W. Farthing, Betty W. Vines, J. C. & Susie Winebarger, Betty W. Smith, Glenn Winebarger, Sherrie W. Idol, Charles Smith Winebarger, Bobby Winebarger, Butch & Mary Miller, Garry Ford, Walter Ford, Sherry W. Reeter & extended family members.
Note:  Some duplications occur between
the Winebarger-Miller Album & the Ford Album.

Save a picture to your computer in 3 easy steps:

  • click on the individual picture you wish to save
  • click on "View Photo Page"
  • when the picture opens, right mouse click on "Save Picture As"

If you have "pop up blocker" installed on your computer, you must turn it off prior to opening a picture album or movie.
Please be patient as the albums prepare for viewing!


2007-2009 Mixed Family Pictures Album

Recent pictures submitted by family members!

2007-2009 Family Photo Album

A music video created
from a sampling of scanned photographs taken by 
 Charles Conley Winebarger
(son of Garrett & Julie Ford Winebarger; grandson of Dalton & Lula Miller Winebarger and Floyd & Melia McDaniel Ford).

Charles served as a Chief Radio Engineer

Sergeant assigned to the U. S.Army's

45th Infantry Thunderbird Division

on active duty Sept. 29, 1952-Aug. 19, 1954.

Ford Family Photo Album


 A Birth Certificate shows that we were born;

A Death Certificate shows that we died;

Pictures show that we lived!

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